Xmas party


I had a bit of a weird idea… But hey, let’s see if you guys are into it:

As freelancers, we rarely get an Xmas party, and even when we do, it tends to be tagged onto client celebrations and it’s not really something where we are with other people doing what we do… Whilst I don’t miss the poisoned chalice of organising the Xmas party (god I HATED it!!) I do miss the buzz and the fun and the “end of year-ness” it brings.

So here is my crazy idea:
An online Xmas party on Zoom. We do some party games, some chat, wear horrible xmas jumpers (actually mine is ace and has Star Wars stuff on it…), ruminate on the year which has been, do some silly awards.

So what suits people? Lunchtimes? Evenings?

I was thinking Fri 13th in the evening and that way work is out the way for the week, we can crack open the gin (or tipple of your choice!), and it’s not too close to the craziness of Xmas itself? But that is Xmas party central so maybe it clashes with lots of stuff?



An excellent idea, thank you for suggesting it.



It’s a great idea, but won’t know if I will be around until nearer the time. And I don’t own a Christmas jumper. My dog does. :grin:


Defo the dog has to feature then!!


I have just joined… this sounds great


Great idea, and nobody has to drive! :cocktail:


This sounds fun. I’m in. Don’t do Christmas jumpers but I’ve got some tinsel :wink:

Oh - and evening so I’ve finished work!

Happy to do a game/challenge too.


It’s a crazy idea. But the line between madness and genius is slim.
So, I think it’s brilliant. Definitely worth a try!


Love the idea! Evening better for me.


What a fab idea, sounds perfect!! Evening is best for me :snowflake::santa:t3:


Sounds like wonderful Christmassy fun! I’ll provide the virtual nibbles.
Any time is fine with me.


I would be up for it also…as long as I am free, won’t know till nearer the time.


So you can now book your Xmas party ticket:

^^^ Tickets here!!!


This is a great idea! Will need to check closer to the time, but sounds like fun!


Sounds like an amazing idea!

Sadly I have my office Christmas party (which is also my leaving-do as it is my last day!) on that same day so I won’t be able to attend this year.

If the date changes let me know, otherwise this will hopefully be a huge success and will be repeated next year. :christmas_tree::tada::santa: