Writing a good prospective email to gain clients.


Hi everyone,

I am now looking to gain more clients, I have two clients, one of which is my previous employer an oil company, I do two or three days work for them (on-site though). My other client, will be an estate agent, and this is where my niche will be (the property market in particular). I use to be dare I say an estate agent in a former life and I also have been a lettings manager.

My other niche is engineering, as I have worked for a variety of engineering companies from Nuclear, electrical component manufacturing and oil manufacturing.

Could anyone please give me some pointers on how to write a successful email to gain clients.

Any help will be greatly received.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards



Hi Amanda

It will vary wildly depending on who you are targeting… Think: If you were the person sitting behind a desk in that job, what would you pay attention to? An email, a postcard? A letter? A phonecall? A meeting? An introduction from someone you knew?

Interestingly I’ve found different approaches for different parts of my business work best - so for bog standard admin work, SEO and Google Adwords works brilliantly, but using the same strategy for bookkeeping totally failed because that is not how people buy bookkeeping services.