...write a business plan?!


Hello everyone!

I am a couple of months unto dedicating my time fully (alongside caring for my 13 month year old…) to being a VA.

I wonder if I could rack your hive of knowledge on writing a business plan.

Intuitively it seems like a good idea, especially to get and keep me on track amongst all the juggling but I am not sure where to start.

If anyone has any advice/links/pearls of wisdom, I would love to hear them!


Sarah Edwards
(Bristol based VA)


I would see if you can look on here gov.uk/business-support-helpline

It’s what replaced the old business start-up service, Business Link, and whilst it’s not as comprehensive as that service, it does have quite a lot of good templates in there.

I think it’s a good idea to have one - it let’s you see whether you are on track, it let’s you plan your marketing and expenditure. And also - critically - cashflow!

I’m not sure how often business plans really get used for VA businesses outside of your own use - it’s unusual to need outside funding from a bank or an investor as most businesses bootstrap themselves into existence.