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Hey lovelies… so I live in Costa-Del Belfast, Northern Ireland. So a big whataboutye from me.

Can you please recommend the best online WordPress courses, the best value for money. That is my Northern Irish way of saying, cheaper the better but my business head saying you get what you pay for!

Thank ya!!


Hi Mandie

Can I just ask you if you want to do the course to build your own site or if you just want to know how to use Wordpress for potential clients? The reason I ask is because I have just wasted quite a bit of money on a wordpress basics course and on website themes etc in Wordpress to build my own site - only to find it very hard to use and I ended up scrapping it completely and using Squarespace instead. I have been told since (now you tell me!) that even some pro coders and website builders find it tough to use. Anyway don’t want to put a downer on Wordpress because lots of people use it no problem - but if you are like me, computer savvy but not a tech geek, I can tell you that Squarespace is a million times easier and better to use.


I’d recommend Wordpress both if you are planning on using it as a service for clients or building your own site.

Squarespace is great for getting stuff live quickly and easily, but against competitive search terms, it’s SEO isn’t great. So you’ll have a great looking site, but no visitors! Not every VA will be wanting to pull visitors from Google, but if that is your plan, make sure it’s on an SEO friendly platform.

Our local council runs a really good Wordpress course - designed for people building their own, but the tech stuff in it is really good. Most clients would ask a VA to make changes, do simple keyword optimisation, schedule blogs, add pics, run backups etc. but would get a web developer in for the more advanced stuff.

The Digital Mums courses always get good reviews?


Hi, did you manage to find a course?

I have completed the Build WordPress Sites by Techie Mentor and it was fabulous, so definitely worth a look.


Susan Mershon has a great course but based in the USA. However, if you are looking for a UK based website building course - check out Vee Smith’s: https://www.veesmith.com/bizwebsitecourse/


Thanks a million, Susan!


Hey, no not yet. I’m going to check out your suggestion and Susan’s later when I get home. Thanks so so so much!