WIX vs WordPress for GDPR



I had finally decided to use WIX for my website but then saw on the FaceBook page today a comment about WIX not being fully compliant with GDPR. Is WordPress compliant? If not is there something similar to WordPress and WIX which would be better?

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I would definitely recommend WordPress for ease of updating, maintenance and support. It is compliant as probably most of the world is using it for website/blog content.


Thanks for your response, plus good to know that it is easy to use.


It’s not so much that Wix isn’t compliant - but it does have tracking cookies as standard, so you need to install a cookie pop up which can disable the cookies before people enter the site… I believe the metomic one on https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk/2019/08/05/website-cookies-me-want-cookies/ works on Wix and you need to insert the code as HTML.

(I don’t use Wix myself, but that’s what another VA said who managed to get it working on hers… And can I remember for the life of me who it was? Of course not! Swiss cheese brain strikes again!!).

I always recommend self-hosted Wordpress because of the sheer numbers of people who use it - if you are having an issue, chances are thousands of other people are, and some geeks will have figured out a solution vvv quickly. This explains a bit about the difference: https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk/2016/06/18/why-does-my-website-not-show-up-when-i-google-virtual-assistant/


I currently have a Wix site which I had for a few years prior to setting up my VA business (I redesigned it).

I do like the designs/ templates, but I kid you not, the ADI design platform takes some getting familiar with. I have been thinking of moving for a while though. Mainly because over the past year as I have been sorting out my start up I have discovered via SEO checkers that’s is SLOW to load (0.8 - 1.9sec!) and has 6 javascripts causing this. Looking in their help section it turns out these can’t be removed as they are needed for the site to function!

Yes the cookie consent needs to be activated (see Caroline’s post).

As much as I like my website, and I now find it ‘easy’ to update, I have 7 years of using it!

So, don’t just factor in GDPR (although this is incredibly important), consider functionality and ease to self manage (if you want to do so).

I am always looking at moving, and I do have an unused Wordpress account from my travel blog days. It’s the ‘fear’ of having to migrate again stopping me lol. My site is pretty big and increasingly more complex with hidden pop up pages, CTA landing pages, blogs, linked docs etc.

I would suggest to proceed with caution when it comes to Wix. It’s a marmite type platform.


I have a Wordpress site, hosted on IONOS. I’ve found that finding the appropriate template is the most difficult thing, but once it’s there it’s easy to update. I’ve found some great plugins for GDPR compliance and cookie settings, but I did realise that if one doesn’t know that it’s needed, one would assume that these are included.


Thanks everyone for your comments, really useful information.