Who’s melting?!


As we’re into what could be the hottest day ever (in the UK),

How are we all coping?

What are your top tips for feeling comfortable?

I’m… 1) moving to sit in whichever room is coolest, living room first thing, office until the sun hits that side of the house, then anywhere that’s catching a breeze. 2) fan… it’s on medium at the moment but can be turned up to high later. 3) loving a damp/frozen flannel on the back of my neck.

Off for another drink…


We bought a big fan yesterday - I was sure we had one somewhere but my hubby says it broke ages ago… So rare is it that we get nice weather in Scotland!!!

TBH it’s been really lovely here with a nice breeze and early 30s temperature wise. My sis is in London and just dripping into a big melty puddle. She said Central Line hit 40 degrees the other day and it STANK!!! Don’t miss London in a heatwave… I remember getting burned in Regents Park one day and having to nick a friend’s bath because I only had a shower and it was too sore to get in. I sat in there in the cold water and it was BLISSFUL.

So basically whilst I have skived off for icecream a few times, just enjoying it!


I love Scotland (Scottish genes and surname!).

I don’t envy anyone who was in London during those few days. It was bad enough in Lincoln, clocked 39 degrees about 3pm, thankfully managed to hideout with my fan all day.

Lovin’ today - RAIN & BREEZE - BLISS!!! :grin::grin:


Oh yes! I have officially melted
The dog slept on the floor for the first time too!
Hot hot hot :hot_face: