what to give as a charity gift


Hi all

A friend of mine is raising money for a charity, for which she is is relying on donations of gifts that can be raffled off.

Have any VA’s provided a ‘gift’ that if won in a raffle would fist and foremost help raise money for the charity, be a welcome gift to the winner but also bring business back to you…

e.g. 1 hour free typing, which if won by the right person, may encourage them to use your services in future.

I’d like some ideas, tips, suggestions, past experiences please…

Many thanks



We’ve offered a free month of call answering in the past or a free block of VA hours - the problem is that most people when presented with this will go “I have no use for this whatsoever!” so unless it’s a business charity do, it might not be very sought after.

Maybe do something like design a personalised Christmas card or Santa letter? Or digitalise their address book so they can print off labels for Xmas cards?


I would offer a review and update of a CV… If no use to the individual, might help someone in their family?