What have you found most useful about this forum and SVA site?


I may have only contributed a couple of posts but this site has been so valuable to me, from reading in the forum, reading the blogs, advice and the KoffeeKlatch legal resources are fab!!! Have there been any stand-out WOAH moments on this site for you guys, or just amazing stuff you have learned from here?


This sounds like I’ve planted this post - I haven’t I promise!!! But it’s great to know that it has been super useful - thank you!!!

For me, most of the really good stuff comes from talking to other VAs or getting the actual data from the UK VA Survey - every year there is something in it where I’m surprised by how the results have gone. Which just shows the value of getting real data and not just relying on opinion or what “sounds right”.


For me the most valuable resource has been other VAs. Being able to post a query or to answer one knowing that it’s talking to someone in a similar situation to me is lovely.

So often when I start to explain what I do people look confused!


Hey, you just pointed out something really obvious that I had completely overlooked. The VA’s themselves. All to often I’m looking for resource and information but I dont think I’ve ask for advice from VA peeeeeeps themselves. Wendrie you’re a legend! Look out folks, I’ll have u all tortured now (gently of course).


i love this, you are totally right. not just resources, other VAs too! And the motivation is the best thing x