What Does Your Coffee Say About You?


In our daily lives we give much consideration to growing our businesses, the welfare of our children, maintaining a healthy lifestyle etc but have you considered the importance of how you take your coffee, particularly when in the company of that all important client so as to sustain that credible business image? Personally I feel I’m somewhere between a Latte and an Americano but then again you cant beat a good cuppa!



Hmm. What does it say about me that I don’t drink coffee at all? (Love the smell, hate the taste!) Or that I drink decaff tea for medical reasons? ??


I have long felt that the popularity in complicated coffees is because increasingly all our decisions have important consequences, so making 10 decisions about something which doesn’t matter at all gives us a sense of control over our destinies.

I do like a nice latte with hazelnut syrup and chocolate and vanilla sprinkles - obviously the vanilla goes on over the chocolate… (sad that I am so specific, I know!)


I’m exactly the same as Janet ~ also only drink decaff tea for medical reasons too.

An ex colleague used to say she liked her coffee, white and weak ~ just like her men.


I usually drink instant, milk no sugar, other than that I drink it however it comes - years of being a supply teacher made me grateful just to get a drink!

Since I had chemo I can’t stand the smell of tea even, I didn’t really like tea before. My oncologist asked me whether I’d had an unpleasant experience with tea during my treatment!



You’d drink instant coffee but not tea??? LOL!

I suspect encountering something unpleasant whilst not well will put you off it for life… My mother sat gobsmacked as I tucked into mange tout as a child - apparently she’d loved it before getting pregnant with me and had a severe aversion to it ever since!!!


I’ve never considered it - although when I didn’t drink any hot drink it did confuse people who obviously felt bad only supplying the requested glass of water. These days I’ll do a coffee but often leave it mostly undrunk or if we’re out I’ll order a mocha.