What are you wearing?


Someone made a comment the other day about how they’d never seen me wearing anything but a pair of jeans… Which is probably very true!!!

My day to day wardrobe tends to be: jeans, slip on shoes, a long sleeved tshirt and a cardie. Occasionally I’ll add a hoodie and/or a pair of boots if it’s cold, but that’s as far as it goes…

So, be honest: what are you wearing to work these days?
(and yes, we’ll get a few people in their PJs I’m sure!!)


At present, 10.48 am, I happen to be in my PJs, but that’s 'cos I have a bad knee and I’m feeling pretty miz. Usually it’s jeans and a T shirt, with my leather slippers, or slip-ons if I’m out. During colder months, jumpers replace the T shirts, but I never wear socks!

Obviously, if I’m meeting a client or networking, the slap goes on and so do the ‘professional meeting client’ clothes!


Not the dreaded suit!!! Anything but that…

I’m sure I still have a wardrobe full of them somewhere but they’ve not actually been dragged out since we moved house 3 years ago, so that shows how often I use them! I do have a rather fetching denim one but the cut is a little dated now - it was definitely my preferred option in the past though.

If I’m meeting clients I’ll make sure I’m wearing tidy jeans rather than holey ones - that’s about as far as it goes though. After all, part of my reason for starting the business was so I could wear jeans every day - I’m living the dream!


Nope. Not suits. They’re not done in this neck of the woods! Tidy jeans and a nice top, or smart trousers. Can’t remember the last time I wore a skirt - not convenient when under a desk sorting out cables and computers!


I’m currently in PJ’s ~ Well, It’s early’ish and I’m on my 2nd cuppa of the day, so it’s allowed.

My usual ‘office’ attire these days is Jeans or leggings and a T-shirt

Hair is normally up in a clip and definitely no make-up or as little as possible.

I used to work in the marketing department of a well known Health Spa and we had a very strict dress policy. We had to wear full make-up, and could never look ‘bleurghh’. Even on the hottest days we had to wear tights/stockings and also had to wear heels. It used to take forever to get ready for work!

Thankfully not these days ~ Now I’m liberated and it’s flip-flops or bare-feet.

I’ve got a Skype call with a potential client later, so I’ll make the effort with my upper half though.



Flip flops, leggings and a short sleeved t-shirt today. I usually wear jeans or leggings and something loose. I’m far more productive when I’m comfortable and I can’t say I miss ‘dressing up’ for work!

If I have a meeting I go for smart casual, never a suit I’m afraid!



Definitely jeans and tops for day to day work and feet free of any sort of sock. I tidy myself up a bit for the days I am out with clients covering minute taking, etc. - generally black trousers and a top.

I don’t know the last time I had a dress on!


Usually jeans and t-shirt but in shorts and top, flip-flops today.

Hair scrunched back - generally look as if I should be cleaning!


Today, shorts, t-shirt and trainers. Usually, jeans, t-shirts/hoodie/fleece and trainers.

For client meetings and events in London… sorry, Caroline, it’s a trouser suit! I would never wear jeans for those. For less formal meetings (and for my job at the school, especially if in the daytime) I’d wear smart separates but not jeans - the school staff don’t wear them. However, I did allow myself to get away with smart black jeans for a small evening committee once or twice.

I too hardly ever wear skirts and dresses. The problem is mainly the shoes to go with them not being so comfortable! Also I like to cycle to my nearest station which means I can get there in 5 minutes if I don’t have to stop for pedestrians in the subway!


It’s really funny because when I left London pretty much everyone was wearing jeans to the office (well in creative land anyway!) and I landed up here and everyone was wearing suits - even the admin girls and the creatives! I slowly converted them over the years but still had to be suited and booted for client meetings… Even if the clients weren’t.

Nowadays I very rarely see anyone who wears suits - possibly just my niche. If I was meeting someone who I knew was very smart I’d probably dig one out. It’s about matching yourself to the situation.

I’m going to Office* in October and I think I will have to dig out something a little smarter than my jeans. There is something altogether distasteful about suits to me though, I mostly go for a little black dress instead.

How about some lovely smart knee length boots Janet? Craig treated me last Xmas to some gorgeous brown ones.


I was wondering what you’d wear for office*!

I have a pair of high heeled knee length black boots which I do wear with a dress (very very occasionally) but I can’t walk far in them! I should try them again this winter with those gel pads in and see if that stops the balls of my feet burning!

I’ve had them a few years so maybe this is the impetus I need to find a newer pair that are more comfortable and user-friendly. Being 5’ 1.5" though I am not keen on low heels. I’ll have a look around…


Shorts and a t-shirt and no bra whoo hooo! Ok, I am a rebel, but I hate wearing them!

Obviously when meeting clients I scrub up and look respectable :slight_smile:


As I’m still working/meeting the public for my other part time job I try to look ‘respectable’ but that is usually jeans, t-shirt and a hoodie (which is what I’m wearing at the 'mo) plus boots/shoes/sandals depending on the weather.

Yesterday for a presentation for a group of clients I dressed up a bit, for a meeting next week with lots of people who will be wearing suits I’ll put on a skirt or trousers. As Caroline said - it is all about matching to the others surrounding you.

For office* - sheesh, I’d not expected much but will go for smart casual. Don’t even own ‘a little black dress’.


Today, shorts and a t shirt with no bra cos it’s too blooming hot!!

Usually, a pull on smarting top with black trousers - like to dress in work clothes as I’m more efficient then!