What are you doing TODAY?


I thought it might be quite fun if we all shared what we were working on today, it would be interesting to see how diverse our workloads are.

So here’s mine:

8.30am arrived at office and checked the meeting room was prepared for a training day, setting out biccies and getting the kettles on etc.

8.55am took daughter to school.

9am - 10.30am I’m playing on forums drinking coffee. Justifying it by the fact I worked 6.30am - 9.30pm yesterday getting some accounts finalised so I deserve a break! Hannah is on facebook as she also worked until 9.30pm last night (what a star!)

approx 10.30 I will be making follow up calls on behalf of a local BNI chapter whilst Hannah will get the cups etc from the meeting room and wash them. Hannah will sort out the post when it arrives at 11am and then hand it out when people collect it.

12pm buffet should arrive for the training day so I will be helping the lady set that out and sorting out the teas and coffees.

12.15pm lunch :slight_smile:

12.45pm credit control for Du followed by a CV that needs typing for a postman. Hannah will be filing and collecting buffet from meeting room (sorry Hannah lol)

2.30pm Teas and Coffees etc to the meeting room.

3pm pick up daughter from school and go home!

7.30pm - 11pm drinking wine with my feet up on the sofa :slight_smile:

During the day I also expect approx 3 people to call in to get a quick invoice typed and 3 mailing address clients to collect their mail who will probably pop in to check I’m ok and have a 5 min chat (I should charge more for collection not less lol). Obviously I might get no one calling in but there always seems to be a couple.

Tomorrow I am Dr C’s PA and receptionist so the day has a different vibe altogether.

So what are you doing TODAY?


For me:

07:45 Switch on PC and check emails (hubby still in bed and dog also asleep)
Email from Essential PA regarding possible collaboration work. Also request for help to change cancelled flight for client.

By 10:00 Dog walked, breakfast and showered, flight change confirmed, hotel rebooked and taxi sorted.

10:25 Log into MoD Tender Auction website for viewing of reverse auction tomorrow. Ensure client has given strict instructions as to the level I can drop our rates (too low, we win contract but no profit, too high we may not win contract - value is huge over 5 years)

Rest of the day - ad hoc. Telephone answering for one client. Preparing my new product (writing guide) for launch at end of month, chasing solicitors for my new contracts. Update my new website and do my end of year accounts (perhaps!).

17:00 Shut down office for client work, walk dog (about 3.5 miles) dinner (on own as hubby working) and more writing!



oh this is fun

6.45 Breakfast meeting - arranged meeting with hotel to do market research

9.00 A very late school run

10.00 Clients office in Manchester to sort out fee letters, change controls and ISO paperwork for most of the day. Sort out business plan a fun filled day of admin

6.30 Home and Tea and be a mum

7.30 kickboxing (umm let see if I make it)

9.00 Start working on my locksmith business website. It really needs updating it is a shower of rubbish.

Bed early for a busy day in London doing some training.



Great post!!! Okay so I have had a pretty unproductive day so far due to TNT Couriers…

9am-10am Log on from home and download some typing for checking which I send back.
10am Outsource some of the typing which came in overnight and this morning.
10:30am New client query
11am Argue with evil landline phone supplier (again)
11:30am Phone stupid courier company (again)
12pm Stupid courier company arrive and refuse to take massive vinyl storage unit upstairs. Yell at stupid courier man and threaten to phone his depot (again) so he agrees to properly deliver the storage unit upstairs.
12:15pm Eat some chocolate which is lying around… Must attempt to actually find some proper food… Settle for Greggs sandwich and run the car up to get a new tyre which is extortionately expensive!! Go into office which is just round the corner from home and I usually walk to.
12:30pm Paranoia makes me buy .co domain

Planned for the afternoon:
Checking on some outsourced work for a new client
Follow up on prospects
Email accountant with some queries
Ignore the massive package sitting in my hall - Craig can put this up, which will be very amusing to watch!! I might even lend him one of my drills…


5am - up as daughter had to be at radio station to do the production side of the breakfast show and I like us to have breakfast together

6am - she ran out the door and I switched on to check emails and go through scheduled work for the day. Looked around the forums.

7 - 8am - cleaned the bathroom and kitchen because I can’t stand mess

8am - 9 - Made an early start and did all the ‘daily’ items. Called a client to warn him I would be out for a short while and not to panic

9 - 11am - monthly client meeting to go through his year end accounts and general catch up

11.30 - back in the office. Updated a planning schedule for client’s large project

12.45 - lunch

1.15 - budgeting schedule for client

2.15 - calls to to clients to remind them of outstanding bits I’m waiting for.

2.30 - Call from a client to advise 10 page letter on its way by fax (he’s on holiday so no dictaphone!)

3pm - just about to start the document

Forgot to mention I went to the Post office to check PO box and moved some work over until tomorrow because I’m feeling a bit worn out.

Once this document is finished I’ll do whatever comes in from clients (hopefully the outstanding bits) then try to finish by 5pm so that we can have a family evening.

Quite a nice day… it was completely manic last week!



I went to bed very late (as usual) so I got up late, read a lot of correspondence over breakfast in my dressing gown and eventually started work at 11.30 am in my garden office in Tshirt and shorts. Since then I’ve only stopped for a short lunch break. I’ve been:

-doing diary work for client 1 and checking his new website
-organising a credit card on my business account
-speaking assertively to the Co-op Bank who have messed up three of the last four foreign transfers I’ve organised for client 2
-chatting with a charity about what to include as income in accounts and what constitutes funds simply being channelled
-creating two more savings accounts including one for my travel fund for a short visit to a conference in Italy in Sept (BA flight: they had better not be on strike!)
-discussing SEO with client 3 and agreeing a plan of action
-reading the Charity Commission’s latest newsletter

and only two cups of tea in all that time.

So now it’s close down for my Pilates class and then a Socially Sally session on Skype this evening

Home from college son has been prevailed upon to do the washing up but he stopped early because of his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class in London. So sorting that’s on my list too.

Finally it’s the night I always ring my Mum!


We all have such different days, I love being nosey and finding out what other people do with their days. Good to see we are all very busy :slight_smile:


I didn’t go to kickboxing, ended up at Tampopo (is that how you spell it) with the girls!


Loved reading everyone’s posts above.

As I’m just setting up I’m spending a lot of time on the 'net and in the forums reading up on things. I’m like a giant sponge at the moment…

I’m waiting for business cards to be printed, website to be finalised (nearly there), and must get on with all the bumph that the brilliant Business Link have sent me!

Seriously worried about what Tampopo might (or might not) be…


brilliant business link…now there’s something you don’t hear everyday lol!


7.30am - drag myself out of bed after very late night last night.

8.30am - reformat some Board minutes from meeting earlier in the week

9.00am - reconfirm clients flight to Nigeria for tomorrow

9.10am - make some calls to various solicitors offices to check if they have received client newsletter as he suspects his previous VA did not actually sent them out as agreed

9.25am - e-mail responses and some diary planning for next week

9.40am - throw things in a bag and panic about forgetting important items as leaving this evening for a 21st party in Stoke followed by a wedding in Wales the following morning.

10am - leave to catch train to clients panel meeting where I am taking minutes meaning onsite for the rest of the day. Interesting subject matter all about arts practice so should keep me awake.

1pm - lunch - catch up on other client e-mails. Begin reformatting of clients newsletter

2pm - back to minute taking…

This evening will be repacking and choosing the music to annoy my boyfriend as we drive to Stoke. I thought weekends were supposed to be for resting!