What are the Apps which support you the most


Hi I thought it would be good if occasionally we could share a discovery of a new app which helps either us or a client.

Mine would be https://acuityscheduling.com/ - Acuity Scheduling. I’m using this for a client who has his own computer support business and it is allow clients to book a time in his diary around the appointments which are already there which I manage!!

A good app,



Dear Serena,

Thank you for this. It is the first post I looked at on the Forum and already I find it really helpful.
Wish I had an equally helpful offerings but I suspect my two Microsoft Store Apps for PDF editing are known to you all already (or not needed if you have purchased Adobe professional functions).

These are:

  • PDF Manager
  • PDF Sign and Fill

I use these to add receipts to invoices and to quickly insert my client’s signature in PDF documents (though the “Fill” function is hardly the best out there).

Hope someone finds these useful.

All the best,
“Newbie” Anna :slight_smile:


I use www.skyscanner.net for pretty much all my flight options.

Ilovepdf.com has a ton of good PDF tools (for non sensitive material)

And Canva.com is always a popular graphics one for VAs.


Oh … I hadn’t thought of those as apps but I love Canva.com too though to vectorise images for favicons etc I use Inkscape as I have not paid for the professional version yet.

Mentioning flights also made me think of the difficulty arranging Skype meetings for people in different time zones (which I also thought of while reading your fun reflection on poor Ms Moneypenny which I came across quite by chance). For that my favourite website/app is:

Although not all cities in each time zone are listed, a quick look at their helpful time zone map can steer you to the nearest listed city.

Thanks again,



If you just want images - Pixabay is also very good


Wow … I knew of shutterstock but they cost quite a bit to take off the watermarks.

I have looked and it seems to suggest you only need to contact them to make changes, does that mean that so long as you reference the provenance of the image you can use it on a website free of charge?


No you normally have to buy Shutterstock images but there are free images under the Shutterstock ones on Pixabay


Excellent news!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Wow, thank you ladies for replying. I’ll take a look at these… i want to use images for my own promotion too…!

Hope you are all well!



https://trello.com is my new best friend!.. never in a million years did I think I would say that but having started working with a client who basically runs their life on Trello (business and person) I had no option but to use it. I have now started to use it in my own business and use it with associates linking them in as team members :heart:

Others must haves for me are

Adobe DC