What Accounting Package to Use


I am aiming to the UK Market for providing book keeping services I have used sage line 50 and 200 in the past and i see they now offer a cloud based version of sage I wanted to check with UK VAs if you use your own accounts software when working for clients or if they give you remote access to their packages and what package you tend to find is used most. Im really wanting to check if i should possibly do some training on other accounting programs or if Sage will be enough when starting out


Lots of clients are starting to use their accountants packages like Kashflow as they can photo receipts etc… - maybe worth taking to your local accountants to see what they are recommending to their clients?


Here are some I use with my clients:

Kashflow Paid for
Xero Paid for
Quickfile Free
Accounts Portal Paid for

All of them are cloud based and easy to use. Xero does online training and offers a certification package too - I’m just about to complete my training/certification with them.

I’m not sure that many people like to use Sage these days when there are plenty of other cloud based ones around.

Also, a lot of accountants try and ‘force’ their clients into using the same package they use in their practice rather than the package which is suitable for the client.

Also, remember to register with HMRC for Money Laundering if you are not a certified bookkeeper and are supervised by the awarding body. It currently costs £110.00 per year to register.



Sage is kinda overpriced for what it does, but there’s still a fair whack of companies out there who do use it. In general terms most VAs I know specialise in perhaps 2 packages and usually have a deal with one of the companies so they get a multiuser licence that they set up their clients on - they would essentially bill the client for the licence (usually it’s at a bit of a discount, as you’d get commission on “selling” the licence to your client).


Accountants on the main don’t like Sage… mine prefers me to send him an Excel spreadsheet rather than buy a package like Sage.

I asked him about Kashflow as the BNI accountant was using that, but my accountant told me unless you are selling lots or issuing lots of invoices, he thought it was not worth the expense of the monthly fee.


Try Quickfile then - it’s free to use and much better than a spreadsheet as you can run P&L and balance sheets, automate invoices, etc


Thanks Dawn I will try it


I recently moved over to Xero and am loving it. There is a monthly fee but I think it’s worth it and it also allowed me to finally put in place a CRM system I liked that linked in with my accounting software (Capsule). It’s a great combination an wish I’d used them months ago.


I love Xero. It’s easy to use and it integrates with my time-tracking software, Minutedock


Xero also integrates with Harvest for time tracking and invoicing.


Does any of these also do stock control?


Wow Ladies for all the comments thank you and apologies i haven’t been on to respond to suggested packages before now. I am actually in the process of trying to set up the new business but also moving home which is an international move so lots to be done on the moving and its overtaken all my time on the business :frowning:

Thank you again all advise is much appreciated