Well hello there!


Hi I’m Jo,

I’m a tech and marketing VA based in Nottingham! As of last week I am also a certified Marketeer! (just waiting on my certificate and updated badge!)

I kind of fell into this business really. I’d been an administrator for a good 15+ years in various guises then in 2018 I had Bell’s Palsy which has left me with what I think is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the daily commute would just wipe me out. It became really clear that I needed to work from home full time so I asked friends on Facebook what could I do? One of them suggested I became a VA - which I had never heard of! So I delved into research!

I started my business in September 2019 and tried to get it off the ground while working a full time job and networking locally in the evenings and on my days off - then I relaxed at Christmas and couldn’t face going back to the day job. Leap of faith with no clients.

It’s been a hard two years but I don’t regret it! (well, after the first few months of the pandemic anyway!) Now I just need to grow my business (and not have clients randomly not be able to pay me for several weeks!)

My hubby is soon going to do a bookkeeping course and then will be joining me.

I am also doing an OBM course as I intend to grow my business to cover a full scope of work!

I am also a finalist for an award next week and one later in the year!

So yeah, that’s me, hello!


Hi Jo,

What an inspiring story of determination and resilience! Lovely to meet you - also I love your tagline ‘A tattooed techy professional Virtual Assistant…’. Also I love that you’ve got your goals set and you’re taking action to achieve them…basically I already love everything about you and your business :joy:

Wishing you all the best on your business journey to even greater heights!