Weekend away!


Just back from a long weekend visiting lots of my relatives with the wee guy - he had a ball with his big cousins, loads of toys and giggles and jumping around!

I have however managed to rack up about 900 miles in 4 days - oops! He was great in the car but there was one horrible hour where we had Old Macdonlad on repeat because it was the only thing which would stop him crying. I now don’t like Old McDonald…


Old MacDonald is slightly better than 'The wheels of the car go round and round" me thinks.



I don’t feel much like testing that theory Dawn! LOL!


When my niece (now 15) was tiny she loved one particular episode of the Teletubbies which featured a distinctive song. We watched it so much over one Easter weekend that I drove back to Edinburgh down the A9 literally singing the song all the way - that’s a two - 2.5 hour drive by the way! Arghhh, I can still hear it now!


haha! I don’t want to go there… Thomas the Tank Engine and Barney the Dinosaur are banned in this house for the same reason. (Being a nanny I’ve had a heads up on how intensely irritating that purple blob is!!)


Yep Thomas the Tank Engine is banned in my house - when my nephews were young they lost their mother who died suddenly (SIL) and that blooming tape was played constantly as they loved it and their dad (they all moved in with us so I could help with the kids) just sat in the armchair in another world, bless him.

So I do understand the feeling!


I know what you are going through Caroline - Oliver hasnt been well for the past few weeks and the only thing to calm him down is a nursery rhyme DVD. I am constantly singing the songs and the guy on it is so annoying so it irritates me even more.


Oh dreadful Lynds - have you resorted to noise cancelling headphones yet?? (Love mine!!!)

hope wee guy is better soon!