Website help



I have just started setting up and wondered if anyone experienced could have a look at my website and give me some helpful tips, things I should change or add??

It is a Vistaprint website. I have used them before and like being able to make my own changes etc. I am going to have the Vistaprint logo taken off the bottom of the website though.

I am aiming at sole traders and small businesses. I had in mind tradespeople but I’ve not fully researched the need yet. My husband offers design and animation so we have added that in too.

Thank you in advance xx



Nice clean layout, just a couple of things noted, hope you don’t mind… on your first link re assistance you have one of your bullets not spaced.

When I click on Services from the drop down, nothing happens…

On your web info page, 4th sentence you might want to look at re the hereby,?

Love your strong testimonials, and your portfolio page…

You might consider a terms and conditions page, or a guide to pricing, do you quote bespoke, or offer packages for instance?

You look like you have a number of skills, fabulous!

Hope your launch goes well x


I agree with Debs, the website looks good but I am a bit unsure about your pricing?

You advertise that it is cheaper to buy a bundle, but it looks like your 10 hour bundle is going to cost more than buying 2 x 5 hour bundles?

5 hour bundle - £ 65 = £13 per hour
10 hour bundle - £180 = £14 per hour
20 hour bundle - £180 = £ 9 per hour

All the best.


AH! Good point, thank you!! So glad I have some very helpful people here to point these things out! I will have to have a look at that.


I do need to work on this!



I never see the stuff which has gone astray - and clients will never mention it either, so asking on here is a great way of getting honest feedback.

Couple of tips:

From an SEO perspective, you want to put as many inbound links as possible from relevant sites (such as ahem… A virtual assistant forum!!!) so make sure you hyperlink the site address from small business forum signatures and when you are talking about the business etc. Yes, they’ve downgraded the inbound links importance in recent years and lots of forums have #nofollow tags, but it is still worth doing.

Secondly, you’ve got 6 minutes of the animation - people’s attention spans are about as short as Mighty Midge’s memory, so maybe shorten the intro sequence?

Also you might want to put in some examples of what you can do for people - so okay you can do admin and research, but what actual jobs do you take away from those clients?


Thanks, sorry I must have missed some of you replies. Appreciate you taking the time to look.