Website builder


Hi, I am now feeling alot better. I am going to start setting up the business. Which website builder does people use. There are loads. Free or paying ones


Wordpress - loads of templates, loads of plugins, very flexible, can easily back it up or transfer it to another platform should you so desire. Maintenance or updates are reasonably easy because most web designers will work in Wordpress and if you are having an issue, probably 43,000 other people are too, so a simple google will tell you how to fix it!


Thanks Hun. I am looking into using WordPress. is there anywhere on the forum that will help me with software i will need. sorry for asking so many questions. :smile:

toggl is one.
google calendar for appointments unless there is something else

transcription is one i need i haven’t got an iphone


Questions are good!

Software - TBH we’ve not done a list for a while… It probably needs updating! We do have an essential equipment list here:

I’ll add to my To Do List though as I’d not realised we had left it QUITE so long! LOL!


Here you go!


Thank you so much for this