Warning - Copycat Marketing


I must have missed this previously and I’ve looked all over but can’t see a signup form for it?

Please can someone direct me to a link or Caroline can you add me to the mailing list please? emily@emilyrobe.co.uk


Everyone on the forum should be added automatically. But I’ll make sure you are on the list Emily.


Much appreciated Caroline.




I know I received an email way before Christmas (and responded). If there’s been another since, I’ve not received it.


Me too please. I am registered as amanda@idealpa.co.uk, thanks!


and it’s not just me who gets plagarised:
grittyva.com/2009/01/25/unet … ment-14251

Personally I’m very pro naming and shaming.


Me too please. I am a new SVA member and would like last month’s issue if possible.


Hi Sue

From now on all the newsletters are now going to be put on the SVA website for reference for this very reason. But I’ll send you a link to last month’s too.