Warning - Copycat Marketing


We’ve had a number of virtual assistants trying to sign up to our various newsletters at VirtuallySorted.com. This is not appropriate - you already receive news on our virtual assistant services via the SVA newsletter.

I work very hard to make sure my marketing is as effective and proactive as possible. To do that we’ve hired professional copywriters and marketing people and invested heavily in getting our marketing material right.

Whilst I am sure that some of the virtual assistants signing up were simply curious as to how we do it, it is not fair to plagarise and steal ideas.

So if we catch ANY VA using any of our marketing materials they will be permanently banned from SVA.

Please refrain!!!

This is something I feel very strongly about - if you have a problem with this yourself and don’t feel comfortable discussing on the forum, PM/email me and we can try to protect your copyright too.



Hi Caroline
I must confess to a degree of surprise puzzlement here, although I can understand your anger at people trying to pinch your stuff.

What SVA newsletter? Am I missing something? Is there a link to it?


I agree with you that it is not appropriate to pinch other VA ideas or text from newsletters. I have signed up to other VA’s newsletters just to see what they are doing and don’t copy anything at all, its just for general information.

I also dont receive the SVA Newsletter.


SVA Newsletter is on Constant Contact which filters out any info@ / admin@ general email addresses as it figures if you don’t have a specified person then you are sending spam… Clearly this hasn’t been reaching a few of you as it gets sent monthly with the chat reminder and other bits of news to everyone on the forum.

We do have an Aweber account which requires people to reauthorise their emails but should get them thru! The SVA Chat List is now on there because we were having trouble getting emails thru to everyone. As this seems to be a recurring problem I’ll switch the list over - please look out for an opt-in email.

I know I’m a grumpy moo but this is not an isolated incident - I’ve had quite a lot in the past few weeks and whilst imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, its other name is plagarism and I’m quite prepared to protect our intellectual property, in court if necessary.



if its easier, can you add lyndsey@diamondsecretarial.co.uk instead of admin@


I must admit I have signed up for other VA’s newsletters in the past but only out of curisority - especially when I was first starting out. I would never try to use somebody else’s content at least without asking them first and a link back to the original source.

I recieve the SVA newsletter and am very impressed with it :smiley:


See - it does exist!!

We’ll be moving the list this week and you should get your next one towards the end of the month.



Try carole@office-stuff.biz rather than info@… Didn’t realise info@ or admin@ would be discriminated against!

I shall look forward to receiving the SAV newsletter.


Me too. Try marj@secretary4hire.co.uk




I would love to receive a copy of the newsletter but I don’t :frowning: My email address isn’t an admin or info @. Can I be added to the list to receive the newsletter please? - charlotte.chappell@fatcatspa.co.uk

Thank you



I would like a copy as well beverley @ the-personalassistant . com


And me too please! sara@officebird.co.uk



Me too please - I had just updated my email adress so can’t remember which you have heathergreig@btconnect.com - just take your pick.




Me too please. vee@hermes-secretarial.co.uk


Moi aussi :wink: lea.wray@virtual-oms.co.uk


I used to get it - the last one was back in April - so would also like to add my name/email dlane@your-office-online.co.uk




I’ve confirmed my email address as requested by your IT guy and shall wait all excited for the newsletter. It had better be good now it’s had this fantastic build up :laughing:

Back to the OP though - have you actually found people using your material? I can understand people signing up for research reasons but I to literally steal your stuff is an outrage.

Can you run the newsletter through copyscape in some way? I suppose that would only work if the guilty party as published an online version of anything they had stolen, which you would think they would shy away from.

It’s hard to keep track of these things. I’ve read on other forums about people who have had thier whole website stolen!!


As you say, it’s almost impossible to track marketing materials but we’ve had a couple of instances recently which have made me VERY wary.

One from a VA signing up under an assumed name/email but giving us her business number. Why would you do that unless you knew you were doing something underhand? And another where they signed up for every single one of our newsletters (there are about 15, ranging from factsheets for online businesses to charities - I can’t believe that a single company covers all of these categories, so it rang alarm bells immediately).

I must admit I’ve been very annoyed and hurt by this, as generally if someone asks me for advice I’m happy to give it. I’m not closed with information - why else did I start SVA and keep the forum running?

I’ve even written down how I do things like newsletters, setting up in business, contracts, marketing etc. and they are all for sale on the SVA Sales page. There’s absolutely no need to steal it from me, which is essentially what is happening.

Rest assured you should have all received an email asking you to click to confirm your subscription to the SVA newsletter on Aweber which should sort out any delivery problems.


Probably slightly different but I took a call the other day from a ’ potential client’ and it started off with I need help with a portfolio how long would it take you etc etc, so I asked questions and she gave very vague answers (bells started ringing), she first of all said that she didn’t use Microsoft word but she wanted in all on word to her saying what was it 2007 version I used as she has had problems with 2007 to her then asking me quite in-depth (that’s when I became vague) what other packages I use / why I used them / did they benefit me / how did they benefit my clients / company / did it cost me a lot to set up my website / could I post on to my website documents of my work for her to ‘have a look at’ / who were my clients / to how did I come about my hourly rate - turns out she is local to me and was doing her homework - nothing wrong that but be honest and I’ll give advice.


Me too please. enquiries@dmurraybusinesssolutions.co.uk