VIRTUOSOS # VAV webinars?


Hey, just interested to hear if anyone else watched the Virtuosos #VAV webinars? And what they thought, biggest take away or light bulb moments? I’m only getting round to watching now. Well worth the watch. Caroline good stuff, well done you!!!


Thanks Mandie - yeah, they always have a great clutch of speakers (being modest!! LOL!) and actually the digital goodie bag had some amazing stuff in it…


Hello - I’ve really enjoyed the couple I’ve managed to watch. Planned some last week but a cold wiped me out. Have several booked in to watch over the next ten days. Including Caroline’s of course :slight_smile:


I must admit I’m not great at listening back to stuff - I always have the best of intentions and never get round to it myself!!!

Hope you’re feeling better Wendrie - are you coming to the PA Show in Feb?


Hi Caroline,

Yes, feeling better thankful for VA backup! I put the webinars on my calendar so it reminds me/guilts me into it.

Yes, hoping to get to the PA show in Feb. It’s usually a good day out.


Sadly I couldn’t attend this one … came up at a bad time.
Did you enjoy it? What were your take-aways?