Virtual Assistant Directories


Few new ones doing the rounds at the moment… I’ve not seen anything I’d pay for personally! Over the years we have seen many of these come and go - and none of them have cracked it and delivered what they promised.


About time there was some clarity on the matter … thank you so much!

Actually, I was approached at one of the networking events I went to by someone who is crowdfunding an idea to create a traffic light VA directory whereby VAs pay to list their services and rate themselves from bronze (does not offer) to gold (expert in) on a whole list of services.

His USP was that the gold would need to be cross-referenced with LinkedIn testimonials.

Needless to say, I listed all the other directories out there, and suggested he came to the VA Conference to ask a number of us what we thought. Sadly for him, he was busy on the day of the VA Conference, but I think he has gone ahead with the project anyway.
I wish him luck though I know I wouldn’t want to join something like that … sorry!

Would be interested to know if I was totally off the mark with my advice though, so if anyone has any thoughts on the matter, do let me know.

I see where he was coming from with the cross-reference with the LinkedIn profile, but it feels … not sure … it just didn’t feel right for me … I never even ask anyone for references and never connect with clients on LinkedIn unless they invite me first.



VAs tend to be clients’ little secret - mine tend not to admit to using a VA.
Also, the same thing stands: Unless clients know about the directory site, it is completely pointless us being listed there…