VA from London


Hello everyone,

It’s a pleasure to join the SVA. I’m Selena, a VA based in London. I started this new journey at the end of 2019 and though it’s hard work, I love working for myself!! I do sometimes miss the office chat but I find that I’m very productive when I work from home.

My expertise is in research, administration, organisation and networking.

Any tips or experience to share would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


Hi Selena,

Welcome to the forum. How have you been finding it so far and has lockdown affected your business at all? Hope it is going well.

I always recommend that people join their local Chamber of Commerce. The quality of services might differ by location but I’m sure the London Chamber has much to offer in terms of marketing support and networking opportunities. Most Chambers have also continued to offer virtual networking events during lockdown.


Hi Selena

Welcome to SVA - loads of stuff on the main site, so have a dig around!
Definitely join the FB group, lots of replacement office banter in there!


Hi Selena

Hello from another London based VA! It’s definitely hard work but so rewarding to work for yourself.


Hi, Welcome to the forum. I am just outside of London in Surrey. :slight_smile:


Hi Selena

Welcome to the fantastic SVA and all the best with everything.

I’m too based in London and would love to connect.

Check me out :point_down:


Thank you, I will connect


Thank you Julian, I’m connected to the London Chamber of Commerce and it’s been very rewarding.