VA Contracts


Hello all,

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a free VA Contract template?

Also I am having trouble with writing out liables on my T&Cs … can anyone help?

Thanks so much.



Not sure there is a free one that would be good enough. There are a couple of VA mentors that sell these though.



Personally, I would never recommend getting a free template and filling bits out/writing parts yourself. A good contract is an investment as it covers you for all kinds of things! If something went wrong and your contract wasn’t watertight you may stand to lose a lot more than the couple of hundred to invest in it in the first place.

I got all mine, (for my VA business, associate and VA coaching biz), from KoffeeKlatch/@annabel.kaye and they came with a certain amount of support in their private Facebook group - so I was able to ask questions to set them up.

There are also other ones available if you ask around and do some internet research.

Hope this helps,



Thank you both, this was really helpful. I think I will need to purchase one!


You could get a free trial with rocket lawyer, they write them for you then you could tweak if necessary, just don’t forget to cancel the free trial or they will charge you!


Hi Stephanie,

I wouldn’t recommend getting a free version. There are some really good priced contracts out there so Google them and look in the FB VA groups. I used KoffeeKlatch and Jo Munro the VA handbook is also good, both offer extra support - its one of those costs that is very valuable to your business :slight_smile: