VA conference! #VAconf19


Hope you guys are all safely back and caught up after a hectic couple of days at Olympia?

I put my session online for those who couldn’t make it:

And the offer of “Collaboration Not Competition” stickers and matching people up with VAs who could help them is very much open to everyone.

The rules are:

  • Post what you are looking for which would help you move your VA business forward
  • It must be something another VA could help you with in a small amount of time - so under an hour (i.e. you may be able to get them to help tweak a PHP form on your website, but not build you a whole new website!!)
  • Make it specific - “More Clients” or “Social media” are too general… The more specific you make it, the easier it’ll be to spark people’s knowledge e.g. “Want to connect with lifestyle bloggers” or “help setting up social media”


Great to see you again Caroline and I enjoyed your talk. Good conversations with others at the end of your session and in the coffee place at lunchtime. I hope you enjoyed your flying visit. Next year I will try to come to the whole Conference! It was all inspiring stuff!