Upwork/People per hour


Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if you have any experience with Upwork or PPH? Am I wasting my time?
I have applied for loads of jobs and don’t seem to be getting any responses… The only ones I have had so far have been scams. One wanted me to post items to my personal Ebay account, another wanted me to download software on to my computer and actually stated that I would have to turn my security off!

Would love any tips or feedback/advice.

Many thanks



My personal experience with PPH when I started out 4 years ago was similar - it was such a waste of my time, I got no work from it, and just as well because the hourly rates offered were insulting. Networking worked for me, that’s where all my clients have come from - I haven’t been back to PPH at all since. Emma


Hi Emma,

I was thinking this was probably the case. I’ve seen ads on there that want to pay £3-4 per hour it’s ridiculous. I’m glad it has been confirmed before I waste hours/weeks trying to get a job on there. Thank you for your response.

Best wishes



You are welcome, good luck.


The only people I know who ever made money on PPH etc have pretty streamlined services that they offer for a fixed price… e.g. it’s usually something they can do with their eyes closed or which they have off the shelf solutions for.

You’ll occasionally get a good client who isn’t looking just for the cheapest deal. But a lot of them are only interested in price, despite the fact it may actually end up costing them more than an experienced VA would charge for the job. (i.e. $4/hour for 8 hours = $32 whereas a 15 minute job for an experienced VA @ $35/hour = $8.75 - that’s a real job BTW doing research for a client!!!)


I totally agree with Emma (@UniversalPA). I tried both in 2017.

Upwork told me that I was not able to apply as there were already too many people offering the same skills I was and they did not want to saturate the market (I had not followed their advice to pick a niche … still my bugbear!) and PPH accepted me right away but were awful … definitely the cheaper end of the market and not real quality work being done.

Another problem I had, was that these sites required providing proof of passed work most of which I am not allowed to share so was really rather stuck when writing bids.

That doesn’t mean it can’t work for a little extra income, but in my experience I spent way too many hours looking and applying for jobs and got very little in return (though I am thinking of using it to get very cheap vectorised logos created only to save me the trouble of working out how to download a font in Inkscape and recreating it myself).

Sorry to be negative, but I think that the time spent applying for jobs would be better spent networking or, dare I say it, posting content on social media (something I still need to think about).

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@Anna2017 that is absolutely where my thought process went - my time was much better spent networking and meeting people - which is where I found my very appreciative, quality clients. However, it might work for some people, it just wasn’t for me.