Transcription question!


Hi everyone! I have been a VA for nine months now and it was the best decision I made! I love it and have found this site/forum so useful!

I wonder if I could ask a very basic question though please?! I have been asked to provide a quote for transcribing a recording of an approx 1 hour meeting between 6 people. This will be my first transcription job so I’m looking for an approximate length of time it will take me which I know depends on typing speed etc. How long has a similar job taken other VAs on here?

Thank you very much!


Hi Danielle

That’s a heck of a big job to start with - usually audio typing will take 3/4 times the amount of audio to type and check (usual speeds for audio typists are between 75-100 words per minute). Unclear recordings or recordings with multiple speakers may well take longer. I would say it’s probably 4-5 hours work, but a good way of checking is to do the first 5-10 mins and see how long it takes you.

If this isn’t something you are used to, I would probably recommend a specialist to the client - it’s a big job and it is a specialist skill. If it was 5-20 mins it may be worth having a go, but an hour of audio is a LONG time, never mind having multiple speakers! Especially if the client expects it back reasonably fast.


Thanks Caroline. I’m never one to give myself an easy life, I’ve always thrown myself in at the deep end! I really appreciate your advice but had already agreed to do it. I have help on standby if need be though and have quoted 5 hours.

Many thanks,


Definitely don’t have it sitting on your desk - do the 10 min check and see what it comes in at…