Transcription equipment


Hi all

I have a client that is looking for me to do a small amount of transcription each day. This will become more later with new projects etc.

I am coping okay at moment with head set and basic software on laptop.
Obviously as the work gets more I can see this being cumbersome.

So what recommendations for foot pedal and software please.



Hi Sandy,

I use express scribe from NCH software which works well for me: If you have a look at their links they will also give you a foot pedal. Does your client email you the files at the moment, as there are various ways these can be uploaded. Gill



Thank you for your response. I’ll have a look.

Yes the files are emailed at moment.

Thanks again


TBH I think most VAs use ExpressScribe.

Now personally I’ve never bothered with a foot pedal, it’s not necessary if you type fast enough and if you don’t, it can lead to words being missed in my experience, but about a million other VAs will tell you that they wouldn’t be without one!

You may find that you need a way of securely uploading bigger files later on, but there are loads of options for that.


This is helpful for me, thank you @caroline as this was on my ‘to do list’ to research.