Tracy - good to be here!


Hi, I’m Tracy and my business name is My Pocket PA that is based in Surrey which I started in December 2018. I am currently in the process of building my website (well my web design guru husband is), business cards are printed, social media marketing all sorted and attending some business shows in the next couple of months to gain some contacts and more knowledge.

Looking forward to gaining some clients and getting stuck in, love working for myself again after being employed and enjoying the freedom of being my own boss.

I hope to pick up some useful information on here and listening to what other’s have to say.

I wish you all a productive future…we can do this! :blush:


Welcome to the group :blush:

Sounds like you have everything sorted. Much more organised than me :wink: … well done :star:

Will you be coming to the VA Conference in London?
See PA Show - 26/7 Feb - Is it right for "little me"? if you didn’t know about it. And find the full agenda here

I am really looking forward to it :blush:

Anyway, welcome and I hope you find this forum as invaluable as I have :slight_smile:



Hi Anna, thank you for your welcome. I love being organised…one of my best skills :wink:

I doubt I will be attending the VA conference, but I hope you get what you need from it and good to hear you are looking forward to it…great attitude!

I’m sure this forum will be invaluable to me too.

Many thanks


Hi Tracy

Welcome to SVA! Useful to have a hubby blessed with web skills… Mine’s usefulness extends to making me cups of tea, so make good use of this bonus!

Is this a revisitation of self employment? What did you do before?


Hi Caroline,

Hubby does come in handy!! At least you get a cup of tea, better than nothing :blush:

I use to run my own business being a dog groomer, but it became too much for my back. All that bending over and lifting dogs is not as easy as it looks, I did love it though. So good to be back in the saddle albeit a very different one.


It will stand you in good stead!