Top 3 advise on generating new clients


Hi All,
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Wanted to ask everyone’s opinion of their top 3 ways of acquiring new clients. It seems like I am trying everything and just keep hitting a wall.

I am struggling to get past the clients that I already have acquired via working with them in the industry before I opened a VA business.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Ta x


Hi Arnis, I hope you are well.

I have experienced this too, generally I gain most of my new clients through LinkedIn, i.e. connecting with new people, engaging in conversation, sharing content regularly to show your expertise.

My biggest tip with LinkedIn though is to always seem like you are there to find out about them. LI is full of VAs looking for work - and most of the time the sell aggressively - so work hard on building authentic relationships and not come across too “selling-focussed”.

I hope that helps. Please do reach out if I can help any more x


Thank you so much for sharing! Much appreciated x


So the UK VA Survey has quite a bit of stuff on this… And it is funny because you’ll always see people bleating on about social media… It’s actually not that effective compared to Word of mouth referrals and Face to Face networking. And the one which really stands out for VAs is LinkedIn, and I suspect that’s because the VAs already have contacts but LinkedIn makes it easy to reconnect with them… watch this space as this year’s survey has a bit more info on that!

Especially for VAs starting in this climate, the clients are going to come from people you already know…


Hi Arnis,

It’s always tough - I generally recommend people become a networking tart - and that’s much easier at the moment with events happening on line, but really this is about talking to people, building relationships and the more you build them - the more people will get to know, like and trust you. You want to be the person people think of.

Definitely the SVA survey will help with information that you can use to market what you do.

The following blogs might help you:


Some great advice here ladies. Ive been struggling too but I’m not going to give up.



Definitely don’t give up - what have you tried Heather, let’s see if we can help you create some new ideas to try.


Thank you for all the wonderful responses and advice! Very much appreciated. I’ll keep going - as they say onwards and upwards!

Thank you all x


I love this! I have become a networking tart and it is working well for me. It is all about relationship building for me.


I felt like this when I first started. I have gained most of clients through LinkedIn. It takes time but you’ll get there :grinning:


Tell everyone what you do, friends, family, when you go to the shops etc. Networking is key… I attend lots of networks to find out about other businesses and how they work but to also build relationships. I never really sell I just build trust and relationships. LinkedIn is good and also other social media accounts, as when I do meet people I refer them to my links together with my website and they seem to like it. Good luck… these things take time so keep going. There is also a lot of support on here.


For me it is a combination of LinkedIn and networking ut don’t expect results overnight as you need to build up relationships for the long term