Timesheet App for a Companies Team Members


Morning all

I am working with a developer client and they have a team of subcontractors.

They work on various projects and sites throughout the week, also ordering materials from our suppliers.

We had sent them all a link to a data timesheet for them to complete every day which lists the project, any materials needed and time spent on that site. Once filled in, we can see the info from the main folder on our system.

The thing is a few of them are unable to open the link on their phone. (MS Excel).

We are now looking for an alternative option, either a free (yes free…) app that will allow them to open up the excel spreadsheet to input data on their phone. Or, a free data app they can all use and we can visually see the information from our desktop.

My client doesn’t want them to have to clock in and out like I would on Toggl…

Any ideas??

Thank you in advance


I was going to suggest Google Forms as you can download the information each day? All you would have to do is send them a link.

Or have you tried popping this into one of the VA groups on Facebook, I know that all sorts of questions come up there - might be worth a go?


Thank you, we are now testing something via our Click up system.


Google Sheets - when you open a new google sheet click file > open > then upload your excel sheet.

When uploaded click share > change link settings to edit > copy link and share it with the worker.

You can then make duplicates adding their name to the title of each.

You can also ask them to use an app called toggl to track their hours and send you detailed data on the hours, days and times they have worked.