The z pen from the gadget show


Hi all,

I swithced on the Gadget Show on C5 this morning, I don’t normally get to watch it but I just love gadgets!

There was an amazing new product on there today called a Z Pen.

Basically you attach a small device to a piece of paper, use the pen to write your notes then upload it to your PC, it then translates your notes into digital text!!

I am definately going to invest in one, what an amazing time saving device!!

They are around £70 which I think is a bargain for the hours it will save having to type up client notes etc.

See this link … 1QodVFfFkw


I saw it to and it was absolutely amazing, I think I will be investing one in the very near future. I especially liked that you could draw a brainstorming chart and it would put it into digital form - could potentially save hours or work.


Oh no!!! I’m going to have to get one!!!

I LOVE gadgets! :laughing:


I saw this too!! We must all be secret Gadget Guys!! The keyboard was okay, the mouse thing was okay and then out comes the pen. I thought it was going to be another one of those pen mice things that I can never work!! How shocked was I?!

I spent the rest of the day telling my man how much tim e it will save me!! If I minute a meeting I wouldn’t need to type it up. If I … If I…

Drove him Mad I did!

I have to have one!!!



If there are enough people wanting to purchase one of these pens, is it worth checking the discount available and making one order to then be dispatched to individuals (paying post and package from the buyer’s address)?



I thought of this Dawn, but if you look here: … -dp01gc5-r

They only knock 31p off each pen for orders of 5 and 62pence for orders of 10!! Not really much of a discount :x


I have something similar to this - the DigiMemo - it’s very clever and it can even convert my handwriting to text which totally amazed me! They are available in A5 and A4 sizes. … B000M49HQW



Funny this has come up. Just the other day I found blurb in my file I’d kept last year for the future; the Oxford Easybook M3 (from John Dickinson) which is a notebook and pen that converts your writing to the computer. I’m wondering now whether I’d bother with it. I don’t know about you, but my notes are a mixture of scribble, shorthand and all sorts of bits and pieces. I can’t really envisage much benefit from converting all that to a Word document and then having to edit it all and make proper sentences etc. I reckon it’d be much faster looking at my scribbles and typing it all from scratch. At least that’s how I felt last week. Convince me…


I am inclined to agree with you - I don’t use it much at all although it is quite impressive. As a typist I find it easier to start from scratch rather than edit notes but my kids have found it very useful.


Does it just do text or will it convert drawings too? If so, people doing diagrams and sketches as part of their work would find it beneficial.

Think students would find it extremely useful too.


Hi Sally,

It converts drawings as well. They gave a simple demonstration of a bit of brainstorming chart with ovals around boxes, text inside and lines linking them up - when coverted it looked as though somebody had spent time with the drawing tools on the computer - you would never of known that it was originally a handwritten drawing.


Not much use to me as I take notes and minutes in Pitman shorthand! Now if they could invent a gadget that read by now pidgin shorthand and produced typed notes and minutes, that would be really useful!

Till then I shall continue transcribing the shorthand from my trusty notepad direct into the computer.



You’ll need yours in pink, of course!


Of course!!!

Although those clever people at Dell have obviously been eavesdropping on the forum and have now launched a PINK LAPTOP!!! Clearly everyone saw mine on the train and wanted it…


I was really excited when I read about this, it sounds fab. I was all set to go and buy one but then I read some quite negative reviews about it on a couple of sites and it’s given me second thoughts. A few people have said that it is not as simple to set up as you are led to believe, that it has problems accurately interpreting the handwritten text and I think the most worrying I read was that you have to slow down your writing a lot for it to pick up all your text…So I’m just not sure now…if anyone gets one let me know, I think I’m going to do a bit more research.

Pattie Mason


I have to say the DigiMemo keeps up with you and you don’t have to slow down.