The meaning of confidential?


I was just having a chat with a client and they used the word ‘confidential’ three times.

This is confidential …
This is highly confidential …
This is strictly confidential …

To me there is no difference and I think they might not quite understand the word ‘confidential’.

Have you come across anything similar? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sort of…

I was typing out inspection reports for an engineer which consisted of a pile handwritten noteswhich he would scan and send on to me as PDFs. There were usually 20+ of these, which I had to turn into the correct report and return to him, all with a deadline of ‘yesterday’. I can remember being up until 3.00 am once so that he could get his reports out to his client on time. A last minute merchant!

And then he started paying my invoices late… and later… amongst the other admin that I did for him,I issued invoices to his clients (on his instruction), so I knew who was being invoiced and for how much…

My terms are 14 days from date of invoice, which he signed up to, and initially everything was fine. Sometimes he paid early, which was nice. I invoiced at end of month for the time spent on typing up his reports and doing his admin.

The last invoice I sent to him was still outstanding 28 days later and he was still expecting me to do work for him, despite several extremely polite reminders, and telephone conversations where everything was ‘normal’. In the end, I sent him an email, and explained quite clearly that I could no longer prepare his reports in the absence of dosh - or polite words to that effect - and that as he had recently invoiced one of his clients in excess of £9,000, I knew that he would shortly be in funds, so I expected my invoice to be settled without further delay.

By return he sent me a stinking email saying that I had breached ‘confidentiality’ and he could therefore no longer work with me.

Fell off my perch!

Needless to say I was glad to get rid of the eejit client and a potential risk to boot, but he had a very strange definition of confidentiality if he thought that an email to him containing information we were both party to was a breach of confidentiality!

Nowt so strange as clients… Do feel free to let me know if you think I was wrong!