Terms of Business


Morning everyone

Happy Tuesday!

I just wanted to ask peoples thoughts on uploading your Terms of Business to your website. My solicitor drew mine up and they’ve been signed off for a while - I let clients know they’re available and send copies when asked for but is it worthwhile having them available online for people to view?

What do you all do?


Hi Amy

It’s a good idea - it let’s clients see that:

  1. you have them! and
  2. helps them compare like-with-like when they are picking a VA.

It’s also a pre requisite for being on the Approved VA list, so defo worth doing!


Hi Caroline - thank you so much for this.

I’ve had the email through actually about the approved VA noticed it was listed.

I’ve sent an email off to my website designer and asked for them to be uploaded. I’ll also add that the badge to show I’m fully insured.

Thanks again x


I have had mine on my website for quite a while - SVA list was only one reason though. It was actually my website designer who discussed it with me.


I agree that if I were looking to hire someone, having this on their website would show me that they know what theyr’re talking about and I think would appear more professional.


Perfect - thank you so much.

I’ve added them to site - I agree - having them available just shows transparency … thank you for taking the time to reply x