Hi all,

I was wondering whether any of you have used Team Viewer and if so, how do you find it?

I have a new client who I will be working remotely with. She has asked me to look at using this. I have downloaded it, all looks pretty straightforward. Am I right in thinking that while I have control of her PC she can’t work on it? Seems to defeat the object?

She uses Dropbox, to be honest I think the easiest thing would be for her to share the relevant folder with me on Dropbox so I can pick up her invoices and templates etc. from there. Any suggestions on the best ways to work with your clients in this way?

Usually my clients just email stuff over and I also go and work on site for a couple.

Thanks in advance!



I’ve mostly used it for remote IT support - it does work pretty well but it is slower than doing stuff on your own PC and she wouldn’t be able to work whilst you are doing it as you’d have control of her computer.

It’s certainly more secure than using Dropbox, and negates the risk of using old versions of work… But not convinced it is simpler than just you doing the work via email or with a proper shared workspace. You would need to agree set working times with her which might be problematic.

Is she using some sort of proprietary software that you’d need a licence for? Or is there a lot of shared info with lots of different people working on the same file? That’s the only reason I can think of for doing it that way…


Which shared workspace do you use? No there is no software, just Word! I’ve suggested just having her templates and completing the work and simply emailing it back. She wants me to save it on her network.


We use Smartsheet but it’s a bit beyond most VAs’ budgets…

Dropbox gets my thumbs down as it’s way too easy for people to delete stuff off there without a trace and you don’t know who has done it. There’s also some privacy issues with it too. And the sharing is rubbish so it’s possible to overwrite stuff accidentally. So I can understand why she isn’t wanting to use it.

You could actually put a folder on her computer which you have access to - it would be a network drive which could either be done via the intranet and you having access (her IT team would need to set up your access) or you could use a more secure back up system like idrive or similar… Essentially it would just look like a normal folder on her computer but would link up online. The simplest way would just be to email her the work and she saves it in there though…


Yep I’m going to have to try and talk her round! Failing that the networked option is the next best bet.

Thanks a lot for your help!


Hi there,

I agree re. Dropbox, not entirely secure. Team viewer is a good tool but by the time you login and enter your customer’s screen you probably could have sent 3 emails. I used Skype screen sharing quite a lot and customers tend to email me their files. I also use project management applications such as Basecamp. There are lots of other similar project management applications which allow document sharing and collaborative working.



Just had ‘things’ done to my computer remotely, using Team Viewer. I remained in control of my computer and was needed to assist the remote person in finding files!

There is Google Drive of course, but that probably has its own set of security issues.


Don’t forget that you need to pay the license for Teamviewer if you’re using it for your business. The free version is for ‘helping friends and family’ etc etc.

I’ve found it great. It would be a bit laborious for a lot of work, but for occasional work it does the job very well.



Thanks for the info, Ed. Team Viewer was used by the other party in my case, so it didn’t cost me anything, nor is it likely to!