SVA Survey... Nearing completion


So brilliantly, we’ve got the SVA survey ready to go - usually we give a free summary to everyone who completes the report and I select the questions I think VAs will find most useful - however this year I’m opening it up to you guys… What would you like to see in the summary?

There are usually 10 questions included in the freebie, so the first 10 mentioned here will be featured…


I don’t even know what the survey is about… can you explain or point me/us in the direction of what it is and what it’s used for!!



Most successful way of marketing …


Ed - each year we do a survey of all the UK VAs and ask a variety of questions to take a snapshot of what is going on in the industry. Everyone who takes part gets a free summary of the results. Usually I pick what is included but I figured I’d give the participants some input this year!


Ahhh, ok thanks, what a cracking idea. So my questions would be (don’t feel you have to use all of them, but I’m interested in any response!):

How significant do you predict the VA industry will be in 5 yrs time, and what do you think the most in-demand services will be? What are you doing to prepare for the future?

For those who have overcome big obstacles in their business, what were those obstacles, and how did you overcome them (what resources such as time, finance, professional mentoring/advice, internet research, SVA forum did you use)?

If you were starting your VA business again, what would you differently this time round?

What is the very best and the very worst thing about being a VA? What can you do to have more of the best, and less of the worst each day?!

There’s probably more, but it’s late :slight_smile:



Too late to be included in the report we’ve been getting responses for - although we do include the best and worst questions already!

Certainly I’m always after input for the design of next year’s survey, I try to keep it as a mix of qualitative and quantative questions so we get some real data plus an overview of what people are feeling!


Hey Caroline,

I just got an email about the newsletter and it mention you’re still after input for the survey, but below you say that my suggestions are too late. Did I misunderstand your comment below?


The free summary is still in progress - if you filled in the survey, you get to comment on what questions from the survey that you want included in the free summary.


Oh I get it now. I’m confused because I don’t recall seeing any notification about a survey to fill in, so thought you were asking for questions for it.

So it’s too late to fill in the survey? How does one get to find out about the survey, because I would have wanted to fill it in, and have an opportunity to get a summary!



Hi Ed

All members get the notification when we open the survey up for completion - in fact everyone tends to get badgered relentlessly about it!!


I’d really like to see turnover scale and any info relating to multi VA companies.

Thanks for a great piece of reference material - the only thing I see like this relating to the UK VA industry, so really useful.

Kind regards
Jane - Bay Tree VA