SVA Big Meet-up


Will you be attending the Big Meet-up in Glasgow?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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We recently requested your input with regards to the SVA Big Meet-up. The first event will be held in Glasgow 2012. Will you be attending?


I would be very interested in attending. The only potential problem could be dates.


Will you be running the one in London?


London in Sept 2013 Jo.


Yup we will still be organising and attending but it will be following year, so not until 2013.


Excellent, can’t make Glasgow but London.


Glasgow is doable for me as long as the dates/price are okay :slight_smile:


I’m a maybe for Glasgow depending on dates but will be at the London 2013.


Like Nicole, will depend on costs for Glasgow (no direct flights/trains etc) but would be able to make London with few problems.



Glasgow is a little far for me but London would be a lot more doable :slight_smile:


If you havent already done so, we would appreciate if you could update our form here as to whether you would likely attend the Glasgow and/or London events. … 4d5ded86bd


As a newbie based in Edinburgh I would very much like to attend the meet up. Is there a link to further information (dates, costs etc)?


We are still working on a venue at the moment based on estimated numbers. If you complete the form in my previous post then you will be added to the list and once we have further information we will keep you updated.


Would love to attend one in London!


I’d definitely come to one in London. Could we have a straw poll to gauge numbers who’d also be keen?


I hate London; being based in Norfolk I would prefer someone central in England to meet - Birmingham/ Cambs/ Lincoln perhaps as a suggestion for the next one?

Scotland is too far - take me 5hrs each way from darkest Norfolk!


Hi guys

This is an old thread - we took the decision to do the whole thing virtually as we’re so far spread out and it does whack up the cost of attending if you have to sort travel/hotel. We’ll be running it this year online again (although haven’t actually got tickets on sale yet - will let you know!!)