Start Up Block


I’m beginning to start up, got everything I need and currently working on my website.

I have been working within administration roles for over 20 years up to director level of large UK companies for several years, so my skill set was varied but extensive.

I took a, nearly 3 year gap, due to new baby and now I want to move on with my VA journey.

However, when coming to writing services on my website, I am only typing up the absolute basic/generic types of services such as audio transcription, diary and inbox management, research, project management and a few personal life services and I am at a loss thinking I am holding back because I have been away from admin for 3 years nearly and even I see things have moved on since.

Had anyone else had this issue at the start?
I know I am fully capable of doing so much more, did anyone start off small and build up offering more?


Hi Shelly

Have you seen the VA Survey? It’s run by the SVA each year and time and time again general admin is at the top of the list for most popular services.

I think the key though is to offer the services that the people you want to work with are looking for. It sounds like you’ve got a lot of experience that will be invaluable to client’s. It’s your business so you can start it however you would like and evolve it how you see fit over time.

I’ve not been a VA for long but I did decide to start with more basic tasks and grow from there, if nothing else it helps to build up your confidence.

Best of luck with it all



Hi Shelley,

I generally recommend when you start out that you create 3 lists - lists of services you can do and love to do, list of services you can do but don’t enjoy doing and then a list of services you don’t know how to do.

Now List 1 - if you can do it and love to do it - offer it
List 2 - much harder to decide can do but don’t enjoy it - how much do you not enjoy it. Could it be a lead initially into other stuff and then when you have more clients you stop offering it.
List 3 - don’t offer this list, either never offer it, get someone else to do it for you or train in that subject.

You can do this
Take care


Hi Shelley,

What I did was look at my skills and qualities and then made a list of all the tasks I used to complete in my three previous job roles. The tasks that I thrived in. You will be surprised how much you could offer. Then think of the tasks you would like to work on and how you could off those virtually for your clients. As you build your confidence with your clients the services you offer will increase. You can always try associate work as well as working with your own clients if you want to gain more experience. Good luck, and have confidence in yourself.