Spell Checker


Is there any chance we can get a spell checker? I can never be bothered to copy and paste into word to spell check and then copy and paste back. It would make some messages easier to read and stop people like myself embarrasing ourselves with poor spelling and typos! What did people do before computers put a red line under typos? :laughing:


They read what they typed :laughing:

I believe more up to date versions of BB have this facility, although we don’t have anyone with PHP BB experience to transfer us over (as far as I know - anyone wanting to volunteer, feel free!).

Duly noted and if I find any quick fixes I’ll install them… Meanwhile you should be able to edit posts you have made by clicking on edit (top right in message).



Sorry but bad spelling really grates on me. It’s one of the things in life that bugs me stupid. Even going on holiday and seeing a sign above a shop that’s spelt wrong, I’m thinking they’ve actually spent money on this and they can’t be bothered to make sure it’s spelt properly. I blame the education system myself. Not enough emphasis on the three Rs in primary school. That and not being able to add up without a calculator. Don’t get me started on shop assistants or bar staff who can’t give you a price before they’ve typed it into the till …


I use Flock browser and that has a spell checker - albeit American English - but it’s a start.


I’m with Marj on this one, I’m a bit of a pedant for good spelling but as my strengths at school were in English and languages I guess I’d have the advantage. I hate my computer spell-checker - some of the suggestions are crazy :unamused: .

The college I work at has just produced a lovely glossy newsletter for parents and students and there is a stonking typo in the first header on the cover page which stands out a mile.


Everyone can come on here and condem bad spelling but the simple fact is everyone accidently presses the wrong key at some point!

Even those of you that are trained sec’s and typists do it. I know because it winds me up all the time. And I know I do it so it’s not like I’m pointing fingers. When you are busy and decisde to participate in a forum mistakes will be made…we are all human!

I just think a spell checker would be a useful addition.


We should all agree to stop looking down our noses when someone messes up!

It’s just a forum and I thought the ethos here was to offer support to each other. I messed up a few posts ago and for some reason I couldn’t get back in and edit what I had written and I felt stupid :frowning:

I know I should have read it before hitting submit but I didn’t and it happens to us all.


Thanks Michael - nice to know its not just me :smiley:


Which browser do you use? I use Firefox and there is an add-on that you can get that checks your spelling although I rarely remember to check it until I’ve hit send.

Might be worth considering!



Awww, I didn’t intend to suggest anyone was being stupid on the forum, I guess my original intention of replying was to give my point of view on spell checkers really but I went off on a tangent (which of course makes me look rather silly because I then missed the point of Sara’s post).

I still maintain that I’m pretty pedantic about my spelling, that’s how I am and I can’t change that, but there again I’m sure to slip up sooner rather than later so you can point the finger my way any time I do :laughing:

But I apologise if I came across as a bit holier than thou, I really didn’t mean to. :blush:


LOL! First impressions count but you guys should be able to edit posts you have made yourself - let me know if you are having trouble?



Ditto Sharon and Caroline. Especially since we’re in the secretarial / VA business and this is something I suppose clients deem we are experts in I suppose.

Love to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx :laughing: :smiley: :laughing: :smiley: :laughing: :smiley:


Sharon, I didn’t think you were being holier than thou! :slight_smile:

and you didn’t upset me! :slight_smile: