Son and scholarship


Well, my 19 year old son has managed to secure a scholarship to study in the USA for one year, starting August 2014!!!

Flights, tuition, accommodation, meals, books - all paid for - equivalent to the fantastic sum of $30,000.

I don’t know whether to smile or cry.

He ‘should’ come back home in 2015 to finish off his Business degree here - I think I had better approach Kleenex for sponsorship myself!! :wink:


Congrats to your son on a fantastic achievement, Heather.

Can certainly empathise with you - it’ll be an adjustment. So I can imagine you might smile and cry…


A big congratulations to your Son Heather, what a fantastic achievement.

I can also empathise with you ~ when my Daughters left home for Uni, I was a wreck for weeks. The house just felt so empty, quiet and everywhere stayed so tidy (that bit was a bonus)

Definitely keep the Kleenex handy.


Wow that’s brilliant!

My little sister did her uni years in the USA at University of North Carolina as a Morehead scholar - they were amazingly supportive and helpful about everything from where she lived, to laptops and books, to extra curricular activities in the holidays - she adored being there and it gave her a mega boost to her CV and put her light years ahead of everyone else.

What a fantastic opportunity for your son - he will love it!


Great news Heather - an excuse for a holiday!!


Thank you everyone - we are very proud of him and know he will settle in very well out there. We raise them up to be independent and I know we have to let them go - but it’s still hard!