Social media scheduling


Hi all,

I’m not sure if I picked the right topic but I’m after advice or tips on how you work.

Regarding social media scheduling. I have created myself a calender so I can see my plan going forward for clients.

I show clients this and we discuss during a meeting to go over and make and change and then to agree all is OK.

Do you then send them a copy of this? I am wary as I have been told no as they could not want me to manage their social any more and they have a copy of my work and plan for them. I’m just wondering what you all do.

This is why i have the meeting to show my plan and make alterations. If they want me to manage their socials then that is how it works. They agree and I get cracking.

Many thanks



Hi Steph, when I have done social media scheduling for clients, I don’t send them a copy of the plan, following the meetings where we discuss what I will do for them, I send them an agreement stating what I will be doing for them, by email and they sign it and off we go.


Hi Heather,

Thank you! I thought the same. I had a client say it was petty not sending it because the work is for them. Yes the work is for them but it’s the work I have done.

Made me feel better that I am not the only one.