Social Media Marketing



Just wondered which social media platforms people have found is successful in terms of marketing. My business is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I need to get my head around planning posts a bit more but I don’t really get new business from these areas even though I get good reach.

Just would like to know everyone else’s thoughts.



Hi Emma

I tend to use Facebook, Twitter and also Linkedin which I feel is the better of the three platforms which suit my business.

Hope that is is of some assistance.


Thank you, I was thinking that LinkedIn might be worth looking into more than some of the others.


Hi Emma

We’re in the process of data collection for the UK VA Survey, but certainly the effectiveness of social media for virtual assistants is something we monitor annually. Last year the top social media marketing methods were:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Facebook
    And no one chose twitter as their most effective way of getting new business…Having said that, Referrals/Word of mouth remains top swiftly followed by Face to Face networking. Even if you add all the forms of social media together, it still doesn’t beat those two.

What I would say, this massively depends on who your target market is and where they hang out… So for my business, I never get any leads from social media or face to face networking because my clients tend to be time poor and not spending any time on those platforms, but I do get great referrals and fantastic results from SEO - so that’s where I focus my efforts.

Occasionally I get told LinkedIn has changed how it works and convinced to do a spree on it… I never get particularly worthwhile ROI because I can get business so much quicker just doing the SEO/asking for referrals from my existing network.

So definitely monitor what results you get.


Hi Emma

I mainly use Facebook to market myself and Instagram to show what I’m doing or to show the human side of me.

I need to be more focused on LinkedIn as I do post on there but not regularly. I gave up on Twitter :joy:


Thank you both. I find twitter a struggle as I don’t like being limited by characters. Most my work has been referrals so I think I am going to find out where my clients hang out and start from there.


You know, I don’t think you’re the only one! It’s interestingly because if you go back 5 years, Twitter was where the VAs were picking up all the work.


I agree with Caroline with regards to finding out where your ideal client might be hanging out. In my case that platform is definitely LinkedIn - Independent Aerospace Consultants don’t really do Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I’m not convinced with Twitter, unless your ideal client is a rock star or an actor/actress… then it’s worth going for it. I’m also branching out to work with creative type freelancers - now those are more likely to use Instagram so I need to up my game on there.

Overall, for the type of services us VA’s provide, I think it’s definitely worth investing more time and energy into keeping up with LinkedIn.