Smart PA


Hey !

I keep getting linked in notifications about partnering with Smart PA. £15000 partnership fee.

Anyone have any experience with them or have inside or useful knowledge in them?



Hi Mandie,

You might want to download this:

Basically there are a few franchises doing the rounds at the moment, and in general terms my advice is that there is no “McDonalds of VAs” - people don’t seek out a big brand name when buying a VA service, so paying for the name isn’t relevant here. What is relevant is that the model you are paying for works in terms of income and in terms of the hours you have to put in to make it work. Look for at least 5 years as a solo business before branching out without loans etc - that proves the original business works.

We were moved to distribute the “Buying A VA Business” for free after a particularly distressing email from a VA who had bought a franchise, paid the money, and then got told she wasn’t suitable as a franchisee. So she asked for a refund and didn’t get one because she’d seen all their training materials. Then she said she would tell people what had happened and got threatened with breach of contract because she’d signed a confidentiality contract about the terms of the franchise. When we sent out the email with what had happened (not mentioning any names) we had 5 other VAs who told us exactly the same story about exactly the same franchise. It seems a lot of them spoke to people who were not really franchisees, so definitely check that the people you speak to are on the same deal as you are getting.

It always seems like I am anti franchises, I’m not - if done properly I think it’s a great way of shortcutting the knowledge you need to set up and getting a support network in place from Day 1.


Hi Mandie,

There are a few Smart PAs in my Facebook community - happy to try and connect you with a few of them. Like Caroline, I am not anti-VA franchise and although I now run VA Training Courses and Mentoring, I did investigate the various options - 7 years ago when I considered it. I know that the franchise model is right for some people and therefore will recommend people to the one franchise that I do recommend (Rebecca at Get Ahead) - however, its like anything you have to do your due diligence and you have to identify whats in it for you as well as whats in it for them! Happy to chat. Thanks Amanda



I started out wanting to buy into SmartPA but when it got to contract stage the paperwork made me really nervous as the guarantees in the advertising were not in the contract so I set up on my own and have not regretted it. Get a solicitor to check out the contract is my advice.



Wow I’m glad I read this. Hubby asked about franchises which got me thinking about it. I’m glad I went with my gut x


When I told a friend of mine about my VA venture, she did said to me that her neighbour is franchise Smart PA, she did asked me to considered.

I’m not saying I’m 100% anti-franchise person, of course have to see what type of business you thinking to do, what is the company Goodwill that might help you as a new business owner. In the VA business, if I can find a course, training and resources to help, why use £15k to franchise? £15k can get a few professional help you set up a business for 1st 6 months, for me… Webpage, marketing, business consultant help for systematic business process, computer software and app.

I witnessed my cousin and friends who in their franchise business, some of them successful is they invest in food and beverage, and the location the HQ allocated to them is great potential and position /location. I also have friend who gone into law cases against the franchise owner for misleading their contract and packages.

Check and do the research before invest the money. Every franchise have their pros and cons.

For contract matter, I still think get the solicitor to check thru it even is standard contract.