Small change to the approved scheme


From time to time, we update the terms of acceptance for the SVA Approved scheme… This week, we’ve added an extra criteria:

In order to be accepted as an Approved VA and get listed on the website as a VA, you must agree not to offer VA training or mentoring unless you are able to comply with the SVA Approved Trainer criteria.

I feel this is fair. New VAs are popping up offering training after just 18 months in business, and we know this causes issues down the line for the VAs that they train. Because anyone having to offer paid training at such an early stage in their business cannot have a sustainable VA business model… it is either not earning them enough money or it’s burning them out so much, they need the more predictable flow of training work.

SVA is helping these VAs get work by listing them on the website - I’m not helping people who are damaging the industry by giving people bad advice. If they are a suitably qualified and experienced VA, they will have no problem in complying with the criteria of the SVA Approved Trainer scheme. If they can’t do that, they should not be offering training.

I also feel that new VAs need to be aware of the Approved Trainer Scheme and what they should be asking people who are offering training, so this is a good way of flagging it with them and highlighting the trainers who do follow best practice.

Very happy to discuss - as ever, I’m open to suggestions on how we can make this slightly less blunt as a tool to improve standards.


Completely agree Caroline x


I totally agree Caroline. It is important that there is some control over trainers because as you say how can they offer a high standard of training to others if they haven’t got the experience and I also think it is important they know how to delivery training effectively as I can honestly say I have experienced some excellent training with really poor delivery since lockdown began - not necessarily from VA trainers specifically but from trainers who don’t seem to realise they can’t just take face to face training and delivery it online without making changes.


Completely agree with this. It is very worrying what damaging effects this has and could have going forward. I have countless numbers of emails telling me how I can be a better VA, not one of them seems customer focused, pulls on their experience or are willing to give details of credentials. Thank you for once again standing up for those of us who earn an honest and experienced living. The pandemic has brought all and sundry out thinking they can make a quick quid doing VA work. Most of us have in excess of 5, 10, 15 or 20 years experience, and still learn every day! It simply cannot be learnt, or taught, overnight…


Totally reasonable and completely agree


Sounds completely fair to me :grinning:


Definitely on board with this! :slight_smile:


I totally agree with this Caroline. I couldn’t even imaging training someone at this stage and I’ve only been in business 2 years myself, with the first year being only part-time. I’m still learning and continually looking at options for my own personal development. There is no way someone could train a VA after such a short time in business.



That seems totally reasonable.


June Alexander


I completely agree, thank you Caroline for the guidance.

Starting out as a VA can be a vulnerable time anyway, without being mislead.


Totally agree Caroline!


This sounds absolutely fair Caroline.


This sounds very fair and totally agree, there is so much information to digest when starting out without being mislead.


This is very fair indeed! Quality over quantity.


Hi Caroline

I completely agree and this makes total sense.

Many thanks


We agree here too! :muscle:


Agree on this - makes sense :slight_smile:


100% agree. Socials are inundated with so-called experts, trying to convince us we need them.
Those who are compliant with the SVA approved Trainer Scheme are the only type of Trainers we should consider.