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Hello again, sorry for all the questions but what is SEO on your website and how do I go about ensuring I have terms and conditions on my website, do I just type this up and do I need to register with anyone? Also, what do I do regarding GDPR? How do I ensure i’m all legal etc?
Thanks again.
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Wow … quite a lot here!

  1. SEO stands for (forgive stating the obvious) for Search Engine Optimisation. It takes a good 6 months for it to kick in and is all about the meta data and the use of keywords in the content of your website. Yoast and Moz are very good at explaining these.
  2. T&Cs do not need to be registered with anyone. Although I am a bit of a worrier, I have opted for writing my own T&Cs in my own words (with guidance from my Professional Indemnity Insurer and advice I found on this website). I keep meaning to get a solicitor to read through it and tell me it is legally valid, but I am still trying to build my trade so the expense is not a priority.
  3. GDPR is made up of a few parts, first is the permission to collect data (mostly important for marketing purposes), second is that the data collected is not “excessive” for your needs and is stored safely and for a limited timeframe defined in your Privacy Policy, and finally that you take reasonable measure to protect yourself from cyber attacks and have policies in place in case something happens and your systems have been compromised.
    It sounds much scarier than it actually is.
    As @caroline always says tough … do seek a professional’s opinion if you are concerned as this is the distillation of my understanding of these things.
    All the best and :four_leaf_clover:


As Anna says - that’s a lot of stuff surrounding these issues!

SEO - you might find these posts from the main site helpful:

And GDPR is kinda huge but we tried to stuff everything into one blog post for VAs:

T&Cs: We get asked a lot of questions about this - SVA asks that you have T&Cs on your website so that clients can see what they are buying as part of your service fee… We know of VAs who say their hourly rate is £18 an hour, but the clients will then be charged phone calls, paper, and indeed for tools the VA is using on top…which could make them a lot more expensive than one who charges £25 an hour and includes all those things.
T&Cs vary massively depending on the services you offer clients, which is why we haven’t really done a standard set which you can cut n paste from… But the contract pack does include things to consider. As a minimum they should have: payment terms, turnaround times, what’s included, any extra charges, privacy, data policy, who governs the contract.


Amazing thank you. So much to look at and like I said to Anna, i’m going to take it a step at a time so it goes in properly lol. Wonderful thanks.
Claire x