Sending Bulk Texts ??



Does anyone know how to send bulk texts on iPhone so that each recipient can’t see anyone else’s contact details? My client wants to text her class attendees a reminder each week (same text wording to each person) but if you use ‘groups’ they can all see who else got the text.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


You’re best using a web-based texting service, I don’t think it can be done via the phone. Have to pay for it though. Otherwise, it’s a case of doing it one by one to use your inclusive text allowance. Just watch that you don’t compromise the ‘fair use’ policy… business use may breach that.


We have used in the past - again, it’s web based rather than phone based. Their site seems to be down @ the moment though…

Any other providers everyone would recommend?


Thanks very much ebentall and Caroline, for your replies. We’ll look into a web based service.


Hi, this may be too late for you - but I use Text Local for texting to multiple people on behalf of clients etc - its relatively cheap for what you need it to do.


Many thanks Amanda, that’s great.