Selling Ourselves


It’s interesting that almost all the virtual assistant sites I’ve looked at recently have all focussed on how the idea of VAing could save money and take off the pressure. However, I read an article recently that talked about two other benefits of remote workers.

The first was about having workers in every part of the world to cater for clients all over the world (maybe not so relevant for most sole traders!).

The second though was about using the BEST talent they can find. This is something we can market ourselves on. We are the experts in our field (I hope!) so we can market from the perspective of there being only a limited resources to choose from in one geographical location (for an inhouse person) compared to a choice across the UK (or even the world!!).

If you’ve got a specialist skill (e.g. Wordpress, SEO, typing at 300 wpm etc) then you can also market on the basis of being able to do something the client can’t… probably more useful for startups and sole-traders than small businesses with employees.


Ive just been working through an SEO course… yikes! Just got to find time to use the new knowledge…


That’s an interesting point Ed!

I often explain an example of me getting a phonecall from a client who spent 2 hours wrestling with a powerpoint presentation before sending it to me… Her hourly rate is hundreds of pounds an hour, the job fixing the presentation cost under £10!!!

A specialist will often be able to do things in a quick and efficient manner which hasn’t occurred to the client. We save clients money all the time simply by being experts.