Selling online?


Few people were asking recently why they need their full mailing address as part of the SVA Approved process… There’s quite a few legal obligations which mean you MUST have a contact mailing address on your website:

So yup - you need an address which you can use - and yeah, putting your home address all over your website probably isn’t smart (I don’t have mine on there!!). But there are a few ways you can get round this:

  1. Use an alternative mailing address -, your acountant, local co-working space or if you are a limited co, you should already have a registered office which you can use.
  2. Disguise your address - Flat 2, 123 Star St becomes Suite 2, The Rock Building, 123 Star St… Admittedly with Google Streetview, this isn’t ideal.
  3. Only put the address on your privacy policy (main contact pages have just phone/email) - you will still have to include full address on your mailings and the privacy policy but people looking generally won’t find it.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Caroline,

Thank you for this post, it’s really helpful. I have my address on my site, but feel a bit uneasy about it for personal security reasons. An alternative mailing address would be ideal when budgets allow, but in the meantime I didn’t know that just including it on the Privacy Policy is enough, so I’ll update that now!

I still think that an alternative mailing address is the way forward, as I am finding that it’s not as easy to hide my address on business directory listings. Some are better than others at letting you keep your address private. I don’t really want potential customers knocking on the door, especially if I happen to be working in my pyjamas at the time! :flushed:



TBH I think there’s a fairly good reason for that - a lot of the directories had people listing multiple locations e.g. if they had a directory of say Freelancers in different geographic locations, some people would register in every single location, regardless of whether or not they had a real presence there.

Certainly recently we’ve heard stories of Google not listing virtual businesses and/or checking whether or not mail sent to that address reaches you…


Useful thread thank you Caroline. I’ve decided to include mine in my Privacy policy as I don’t really want it all over the website. Also a good prompt to go and check it’s all still working in terms of links etc.


Yep that makes sense. I’d be interested to know whether many VA’s out there have had potential clients knock on their door from finding their address online? I can’t imagine it happens that often, but sure it does from time to time!


This is useful to know, I’ve put my address in my privacy policy and used my house name instead of number. hope this is sufficient.


As long as you still get post addressed that way, it’s fine!! (might be worth flagging with your local sorting office)