Self Assessment


Hi all

I’m just about to prep for my first Self Assessment / Tax Return - any recommendations on things to make it easier?

Thanks in advance ,



Vodka??? But seriously, it is just a case of having all your stuff to hand and chugging through it (the assessment, not the vodka, you can have that once it’s done!)


Go through it methodically and have everything ready. I keep a note through the year of things I need to remember for my self assessment. Comes in very handy. Keep your filing up to date as you go along and that will help you too. Also, don’t be afraid to ring HMRC if you need help, they’re pretty good at answering questions quickly.


^ This is much more sensible advice!!!


Vodka much more fun though :wink:


@SPVA vodka in one hand (@caroline😂) and constant filing of expenses/invoices on the other.
Last resort-outsource

Good luck!


When I previously ran another business, I created excel spreadsheets and had everything logged monthly. I would include all money in and money out and categorised it with the headings that are on the tax return.


that’s a good idea - do you know if there is anywhere I can get the headings in advance?


Have you registered with HMRC yet? If yes, you can probably go onto the submit self assessment section and pretend you are submitting your tax return and see all the sections. If not, let me know and I can look at mine.


Does that help?


This is really helpful thank you. I am due to complete mine. I have tried to be organised and made a record on Excel so I have everything crossed that it will be pretty straight forward.


Thank you Gloria this is great! Much appreciated - now to schedule in the time to get sorted :wink:


Sounds good to me! :grinning:


This is a great help, I’ve downloaded the doc to use as a mock one