Self Assessment - AGAIN! - Advice This Time


Hi Yvette

Gosh - this thread has been going a long time but if you are still happy to send out the spreadsheet I would love to receive it please. You can email me at .

Kind regards


Hi Yvette,

I would also like a copy if possible?

Have not been on the site for a little while so catching up on posts :slight_smile:

Many thanks, my email is



Hi !

Didn’t got the spreadsheet. If anyone has the spreadsheet, can you please email me the same at




Hi there are you still sending out the spreadsheet would love a copy.


Have emailed you both the original version that I received.


If there’s a copy floating around cyber-space, I’d really love one to find me… No rush, but at least I will have a clue of all the bits I need to keep track of.

Thank you in advance…
(and yes, I might be the only silly person working from home at 8am on Christmas morning, but I’ve got business cards to design, a website to set up and all sorts to do!) :stuck_out_tongue:

(edit to add:


Hi I would love a copy too

Thanks :slight_smile:


Be rude not to if you don’t mind.


Hi there, please could you send me a copy of the spreadsheet, I have just done my tax return yesterday but would be good to have, thank you.

Thank you



I would very much appreciate receiving the spreadsheet if at all possible?

T hanks!


Would love a copy please!


Would love a copy please!


Hi. Just came across this post - I’d love a copy as well please. I’ve been using Simplified expenses as the thought of trying to work out the real costs was too much for my brain! Thanks. Jx