Self Assessment - AGAIN! - Advice This Time


Thanks Yvette


Hi Yvette
Just found this thread please could I have a copy of your spread sheet.

With many thanks



Hi Yvette

Sorry forgot to give you my email address



Hi Yvette

Id’ be grateful if you can send me a copy of the spreadsheet to

Many Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Yvette,

Just taken on a new client who I will be doing bookkeeping/tax returns for. This could be useful…

Could I have a copy…



Carol, I’ve just sent it.

Lynda & Bev - sorry don’t know how I missed your messages so have just sent it to you both too.

Hope it’s useful to you all.



Hi Yvette,

Could you please send me a copy too? My email address is:

Many thanks,


Me too please Yvette - this spreadsheet sounds extremely useful. My email is


Hi Yvette

Could you send a copy to me as well please?
My email is joanne @

Sorry for the late reply to your original message.

Many Thanks



You might want to upload the file to your web site and just post a link on here for anyone wanting to download it. Would save you precious time.

By the way, how’s the keyboard? Did you get a replacement off the insurance company?


Hi Yvette - could I please have also have a copy - sounds like a useful tool.

Thanks :smiley:

Heather Greig


My gosh, lots of requests!

Sally, my website is still being updated and I have to admit I wouldn’t have a clue how to upload it to the old one. I’m not sure when the new one will be ready so don’t want to keep everyone holding one but good idea, I will upload it once I have my website done. I’m hoping it will be finished soon as its been ongoing for a while.

Yes, thankfully we had the keyboard replaced but that was a real panic moment. It was good timing on my sons part, just when I had several hours transcription to do for the awkward lady! Anyway, all worked out well, I did it on a spare computer and HP have put a new keyboard on the main one now.


Lea, Alison, Joanne & Heather
I have just sent it to you all - excuse the joint email but it was quicker.
I think that is everyone done for now.
Hope you all find it useful.



How about sending it to Caroline (when she is back from hols) and asking her to put it as a link on the forum.

Just an idea.



Very good idea Charlotte, thanks. Do you know when she is back?


She is back in the office tomorrow, but you may want to give her some time to settle back into things.


Thanks Lyndsey


Hi Yvette
This sounds great - I would love a copy. Please email me at
Lee Harrison


Hi Lee, I’ve just emailed it. Hope it’s useful.

Caroline, is there anywhere on here it can be uploaded please?



Hi Yvette !

Great! I was actually looking for something like where I can enter all my incomes and expenditure. May I also have a copy of the sheet. My Mail ID is

Thank you in advance.